No more dealing with slow MacBookPro

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Here’s another MacBookPro 101 for you!!

Has it ever happened with you that you are all set to rock the virtual meeting with your presentation and just before sharing your MacBook’s screen, it froze? Not your heart but the Laptop, the trackpad isn’t anymore in control of the cursor, the fan is on full throttle, yet everything is all slowed down.

It’s not a hidden fact now that Apple throttles the CPU when your MacBook heats up. While this would have been a bearable scenario if heating up wasn’t necessarily an often scenario, but enough applications are running on our system to beat the shit out of it. This is even more common for my fellow developer friends.

Well, a good way out people might suggest to this would be to buy an M1 Chip MacBook Pro, if you can afford that it might be best to stop reading this blog further and visit a nearby apple store. However, if you have recently bought a MacBook Pro wouldn’t necessarily want to do that, please keep reading.

I suggest using the Macs Fan Control ( application on your MacBook. This helps you control the fan speed without tying it with the current temperature.

  1. Install the application.
  2. Right-click on MacsFanControl in TaskBar
  3. Select Full Blast

Here is what I suggest - Turn on the fan to full throttle and let your fan always work at full speed. This hack has allowed me to stay at peace and not worry about being slowed down in the best of moments.

Here is the snapshot of the settings your need to opt for:

No more dealing with slow MacBookPro Turn on the fan to full throttle

I hope it helps my fellow mates.!

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