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What is DNS? A crash course on DNS for every developer

Did you ever think who understands when you type that in your address bar? 🤔

In Programming, Web, Networking, Mar 21, 2021

How to write an LRU cache: Master it in any programming language

From an algorithm, data structure and interview’s perspective, caching makes for a versatile topic. It can be used to gauge someone’s low-level understanding of data structures and al...

In C++, Feb 20, 2021

No more dealing with slow MacBookPro

Here’s another MacBookPro 101 for you!!

In Productivity, Jan 28, 2021

Largest sub matrix rectangle with rearrangement with all 1s

We at Tech Munching provide you the cleanest, easy to understand solutions to difficult competitive coding questions. This question #1727 appeared in LeetCode contest #224.

In C++, Algorithm, Interview Preparation, Jan 17, 2021

Lambdas and closures in C++

What are closures vs how lambdas are different from closures?

In C++, Oct 27, 2020

Using Modern C++ class members and initializations the right way

Using In-member initialization, using constructors smartly and using class members functions in a safe and proper way to avoid mistakes

In C++, Jul 03, 2020

Object construction order in case of virtual and/or multiple inheritance

How virtual vs. multiple inheritance affect class object construction order?

In C++, OOPS, Jul 03, 2020

Passing smart pointers shared_ptr and unique_ptr

General guidelines to follow for passing shared_ptr and unique_ptr as function arguments and at the time of return.

In C++, Jun 17, 2020

Few Modern C++ Puzzles

Some puzzles from various talks, blog posts, and other bits

In C++, C++20, Jun 15, 2020